donderdag 9 januari 2014

Stop. Graphics Time!

Hello world!

A few weeks ago in the Midterm Update, we mentioned that we had to continue this game-project with only 4 members left. Unfortunately, the guy who left Graile Games was responsible for creating all the graphics. In the same blogpost, we also said it would not be too hard to think of another option regarding the graphics. However, this turned out to be more difficult than expected. I came up with the idea to ask my brother for creating graphics, since he has always liked drawing. With crossed fingers I asked him, and it was a huge relief when he said he wanted to do it. From now on, my brother will be creating sprites on his iPad, and I would be responsible for editing (scaling, disassembling image parts, etc.) the multilayered images he sends me and getting them into the game. Graile Games’ Art Department has been founded, only consisting of two twin brothers. This had some serious consequences...

Positive ones to be precise! Over the past few weeks, because new sprites incessantly kept coming and coming, we were able to add a lot of content. Enough said, there is A LOT to show, so here it is (saved the best for last):

First, dungeon decoration. Until now, the dungeons felt very empty, static and repetitious. We needed dungeon decoration, and lots of them, here some stuff you will see while discovering dungeons:

We also created the first few "templates rooms", which is an extra option featured in Emile's Generation system. This let us design our own rooms in a textfile which will randomly appear in some dungeons. An example of a template spawning-room:

We have also added some interactive objects in the dungeons, like turrets that spit fire:

Puzzles also had a makeover: (also, more types of puzzles have been created, but I will leave those to discover them on your own)

The dragon, partially seen in the previous post, now fully visible. It already has some nice special unique attacks but it's not completely finished yet...

And yeah, more enemies! Goblins and zombies have joined the game!

And like promised, best for last. The new HUD. We've added a compass feature to our game now, which points to the direction of where the exit of the dungeon is. Styled in the same way as the inventory and the hotbar, it looks very awesome! Exp- and lifebar are not finished yet :P

Well, I think that was enough to show you in this blogpost, stay tuned for more!

I would also like to take this opportunity to credit my brother Raymond, who made all this nice stuff. Thank you very much!

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