Graile Games


Timon Knigge, 19 years old, has been programming since when he was 14. Although he has experience with programming tools and websites, he mainly focusses on games, and that is also where his expertise lies. Besides designing games, he enjoys reading, sporting and gaming. He works at a homework institute and studies Gametechnology and Math at the Utrecht University.


Alex, 18 years old, came in touch with programming games when he was at high school. There he made 2 basic games with fellow students as an assignment for computer science. After the assignments were submitted, he extended one of the games on his own to further improve his programming skills. So far, he just made his first small steps into the world of creating games. He sees this project as a chance to delve deeper into this world.


Dwight is 19 years old and has only just started programming games. Last year he studied astrophysics at the university of Amsterdam but he found it to be less interesting as he thought. Hopefully his earlier work with physics can be put to good use here.


Emile has been working on game projects since 2011, mostly as a composer and producer. He made the soundtrack and did additional management work for the Aether mod of the indie Sandbox hit Minecraft. Together with the leader of that project, Brandon Pearce, he co-founded the indie startup Gilded Games in 2013, where he is again working on the soundtrack for a still secret project. For Graile Games, conveniently also abbreviated GG, he will be making some music and he will put his new programming skills to hopefully good use.

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