zaterdag 23 november 2013

Screenshot Saturday 1!

Hey folks! Something we want to do with this blog is the Screenshot Saturday column. Every saturday we will share a screenshot of our progress with you, so you can see how we progress over the months. This week we will share you a small example of the amazing procedural (random) generation of the dungeons that Emile has been working on. If you are not afraid of ASCII art, take a look!

How is that for a nice deceitful maze?

Be on the lookout for more news next week!

woensdag 20 november 2013

Well hello world.

First they were just five students at the university of Utrecht but then one day they got an awesome assignment. Timon, Alex, Dwight, Emile and Thom became........ Graile Games!

We are small studio trying to make you (the gamer) relive the joy you had years ago. How do we want to achieve this? Well very easy, we "upgrade" a very old game and make it fun again in this age of technological wonders. The game we are using as inspiration right now is a game only the most veteran of gamers might know, Rogue.Well we are about to change that. Our game will give rogue a much needed graphical overhaul. Instead of dots and lines we will be using sprites for the environment. Also we are planning on integrating a full on lighting system that will make the game about as dark and scary as its predecessor was in its time. The original Rogue had no sound so that is also a point we wish to expand on.
Stay tuned for more.

This baby used ASCII and as you can see needed a lot of imagination to make it come to life.