maandag 6 januari 2014

Music Monday 6: The Sound Design

Hey all! For today no music, but some details about the way we are doing audio. We are using a program called XACT, which is included with the Game Engine we are using, XNA. It provides many options for dynamic audio to further immerse yourself in the experience. All sound effects are positioned, so you hear them in surround precisely on the position they are. It also has a function that makes sound fit in the room by adding more "echo", which is better known as "Reverb". In larger rooms, the sounds echo longer, to further increase realism and immersion. Lastly it provides functionality to randomize the pitch and the volume of the sounds, so it does not sound identical all the time.

This game is also my (Emile van Krieken) first go at Sound Design. Some of the sounds I have recorded myself and others I have taken from the wild interweb and edited them to fit the game better. It has been a lot of fun, and has motivated to get a field recorder so I can record every sound for future games myself!

The music will play in a semi-random way. When there is no song playing, it will sometimes choose a random track from the atmosphere collection. Certain places in the world, however, trigger a song that is more energetic and suited for combat, so the music fits what happens on the screen. We use a nice fade-out to make everything sound smooth!

Well that is it, simple but it works. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

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