vrijdag 20 december 2013

Midterm Update

Unfortunately, it seems Thom has decided to leave us. Though he has not ‘officially’ stated he is abandoning the project, he has been very inactive over the past weeks, did not attend wednesday’s presentation (see below) and removed all of us as skype contacts yesterday.

Since Thom had been reluctant to do anything for the last month, for a while we already spread our tasks in such a way that his inactivity would not hamper our progress. The only exception to this were the graphics. Really, none of us are any good at creating graphics so we attempted to avoid the subject and gave it to Thom.

Alas, now that Thom is removed from the equation, we will have to get our graphics elsewhere. Don’t worry though, we found we still have a lot of options left and you can definitely expect a great looking game from us!

Wednesday’s presentation
Wednesday was presentation day. We had all come early to the university campus to do a last-minute meeting about the presentation, and then headed to the .. well, some random building.

Anyway, when we got there, we were all excited that we could finally present our progress to our colleagues. When our turn came, we went to the front, and got ready to present ..

.. and couldn’t get the projector working. Well, if you weren’t yet questioning our legitimacy as computer science students, now is the time. All joking aside, we ended up doing the presentation without the game and the slideshow we had prepared, and just used images from this blog.

In the end, it went pretty well and I’d like to think we made a pretty decent impression. Even then, come January, we’ll have another opportunity.

Stay tuned, because later today Dwight will post here to tell us about the AI!

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